The Rights of Upright

from by VenomSpreader

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2. The Rights of Upright:


Under your footprint a world being trampled
Over your head, coexistence and change
Outside your grasp, resolutions you've searched for
Why does it matter, when all is your birthright?

Take all you want and
Destroy what gets in your way
Be it conscious or earthen
Spare only what stands on two legs

Outcast by your mass, a world slowly smothered
Over your head you think saviors await
Outside your grasp all concepts of renewal
Step over it all, all you've claimed your birthright.

Disgusting, the amount of disregard
For all things, not us, justifications for
Exploitation of environs
Atmospherical Earth, and the ones on all fours

Unleash the hordes, no one to stop us now
Walking in stride, we topple all
Feel no remorse, born man the chosen ones
These are your rights, the rights of upright

But standing so tall
Only makes it easier for us to look down
Only makes harder to hear the pleads
Sounds of a planet crushing under two feet

Took all you wanted
Destroyed what got in your way
Now live alone in the barren
Sympathy died on two legs

Eclipsed in your shadow lay the scarred remains of a dead world
And over your head, dead space holds no escape
Too far from your grasp now lay all second chances
The fault is your own, and death is your birthright

What is right? Defend our wrongs with these rights we've granted to us alone
The rights of upright
For those who do what they will unconscious of consequences
I’ve stood upright, forever weighted downward by the shame of my kind
No longer upright. Identifying with the dying masses, not their chain wielding masters


from Hell Yeah EP, released October 6, 2016
Dan Manoni - Vokills
Raye Mokarry - Guitar
Beau Maseto - More Guitar
Gunface Gamse - Bass Guitar
Jeff Brigante - Drums



all rights reserved


VenomSpreader Bridgeport, Connecticut

We are here to create some spooky and heavy tunes. If these songs have your face contorting in ways that make onlookers think you're in immense pain... we have succeeded.

If you like the tunes, feel free to spread that venom baby.

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