Dead Body Slide

from by VenomSpreader

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3. Dead Body Slide:


Oceans of blood churn violently beneath a storm of panic
Gore avalanches, tectonic plates of flesh collide, loose the bodyslide

Onward to your doom, go forth and suffer
Resistance leads to broken vertebrae, electric prods in your eye
Egotism and traditional ignorance have somehow justified
There's just no other way, you'll have to suffer

Chains round your leg begin to hoist
No, this is not your ascension
Tell me, how do you like your new perspective?
Upside down, face and eyes swollen, reddened
Now know the knife, as all you ever were is drained from your body

Bleed, bleed dry
You were made to die
For greed, for feed

In postmortem bliss you dance, dead nerves fire their last, carotid spray turns the world red
The blade, like karma, comes full circle, pierce the roots and remove the head
I take my prize from 'neath your hide, fruits of your youth torn at their ripest from your bones

Dismembered as you're transformed from sentient being into product
Feel the pain, know only pain
As I lay everlasting waste to your race

When death fetches the highest price
Totally missed the meanings of life
Forgiveness runs dry, what is dealt comes back twice
Cognitive dissonance, murderous device

Onward to your doom, go forth and suffer
What better reason than destructive nature and insatiable appetites?
There's just no other way, you'll have to suffer


from Hell Yeah EP, released October 6, 2016
Dan Manoni - Vokills
Raye Mokarry - Guitar
Beau Maseto - More Guitar
Gunface Gamse - Bass Guitar
Jeff Brigante - Drums



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VenomSpreader Bridgeport, Connecticut

We are here to create some spooky and heavy tunes. If these songs have your face contorting in ways that make onlookers think you're in immense pain... we have succeeded.

If you like the tunes, feel free to spread that venom baby.

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